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What's this weave app all about?

What if we learn how to share the positive energy of millions to address day-to-day issues?

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Weave App is a tool for those with an optimistic mindset, for people who want to use the power of positive thinking to achieve their most ambitious goals, who want to succeed at in an important event or want to boost their confidence. 

The human mind is so much stronger than the body. It is capable of achieving amazing results.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”

– Winston Churchill

One popular Buddha quote perfectly sums up the essence of Weave:

“We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think.”

– buddha

People shape their lives daily. Weave is a channel that allows you to focus on your Goals, to direct and amplify the energy of Thought by utilizing the positive vibrations of the community’s mental powers with their similar desires, goals and dreams. Helping convert Goals to reality. Creating a synergy of energies.

this is

Weave Power & Ideology


Mutual support is the only reason for the success of the human species. Feel the Weave Power fuelling your day.


Moral support is vital: knowing that someone cares for you gives superpowers to achieve your goals

power of thought

Power of Thought is a potent instrument many people use today to better their life. Weave provides a channel to amplify its effect.


We have created a cutting edge tool capable of becoming a channel which helps to convert our users' concrete goals into material form.

global scale

We want to channel the power of thought on the global scale by allowing everyone to benefit from it

weave net nation

Weavers. People​

  • Believe in the power of positive thinking
  • Wish to share the power of thought for mutual benefit
  • Don’t have “give up” in their vocabularies
  • Visualize the positive outcomes of any situation
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Live in the present moment 
  • Are grateful for their past successes and lessons
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Tree of Life Weavlet: Weave App Screen
Weave App Screen Bagua Weavlet
Lucky Leaf Weavlet by Weave App

lots of fab weavlets in the app

Weave Net

  • Application for personal growth, motivation & self-improvement
  • Beautifully designed Weavlets for every occasion
  • Architecture allowing the user to charge each Weavlet with the positive mindful energy of people wishing to achieve specific goals
  • Short-term usage of a particular Weavlet to utilize the energy of like-minded people
  • Each Weavlet is rated based on users’ real-life experiences



To create a pocket tool to harness the Power of Thought to facilitate solutions to everyday issues and goal achievement



Living is believing.

Download Weave Net app. Choose the Weavlet for your day. Realise your Goal with the support of the Weave Net.

Son and Moon Weavlet by Weave App
Tsuba Weavlet by Weave App Japanese Tsuba
Tree of Life Weavlet by Weave App
Algerian Love Knot Weavlet by Weave App
Snake Weavlet by Weave App
man contemplating universe

New day. New opportunities.

New challenges. New heights. New Weavlets

Weavlets are a collection of hand-picked tokens from cultures the world over, which are capable of channeling the mental powers of many people towards achieving one goal in a limited period of time. 

Weave in. Find your perfect Weavlet for the special occasion.

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Weavers' guide to positive life

The empirical wisdom of the Weave community contributors who are meticulously selected by editors, and who care to apportion the goodness to all those willing to embrace the positive power of thousand thoughts. Weave App is calling for all Weavers to share their experiences on the pages of our blog and social media. Reach out to hi@weave.guide to get your Weave Story published! Tell us your Weave Power story!

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