Weave commandments


Weave community lives by this order

this is how we rock'n'roll

Weave Commandments

  1. There is You and there is Your Goal. Act on it. One step at a time.
  2. There is a WeaveNet to amplify your energy to reach your Goal.
  3. Each WeaveNet is the support for the ones who seek it.
  4. No WeaveNet is like another on any given day.
  5. Seek to find. Experiment to find the right amulet for the right occasion.
  6. Focus. Weave in. Act.
  7. Join the chorus of thoughts. Singing solo is rarely as much fun.
  8. You are the end and the means to your dreams. Weave is only a magnifying glass. One powerful tool in your arsenal.
  9. Be yourself. Have faith in yourself, rain or shine. Persevere.
  10. Get up every morning to live the best day of your life yet. Sleep. Repeat.
  11. Problems go, you remain. Weave in when down. 
  12. Happy moments are there to share. Weave in when on top of the world.
  13. Weaved in? Receiving or giving are both great. Join your voice to the powerful chorus of Weave Power
  14. Review religiously as reviews will help your fellow Weavers.
  15. When weaved in: Think Positive. Act Positive. Radiate Positive.