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WEAVE FAQ: Weavlets, WeaveNets & more

Weavlet is a digital icon, or a digital amulet, that is used as a channel by a community of Weavers to unite and amplify the Power of their Thoughts to precipitate achievement of a common Goal.

Weavlets are represented in these major categories:

  • Luck Weavlets
  • Love Weavlets
  • Prosperity Weavlets
  • Career Weavlets 
  • Travel Weavlets 
  • Well-being Weavlets 
  • Creativity Weavlets 
  • Family Weavlets

Please see the question below about principal differences between the Amulet and the Weavlet for better understanding of the concept.

Weavlet is very much akin to a digital version of a classical amulet. But there are some principal differences between them.

  1. An amulet is a physical object, while a Weavlet is a digital one.
  2. An amulet has been accumulating its alleged force historically. Different powers have been ascribed to different objects in different cultures idiosyncratically. Any object can become a digital Weavlet – as long as it’s channeling the Power of Thought of a WeaveNet.
  3. Amulets are expected to bring luck or protection based on their inherent cultural or historic or mythical qualities. Weavlets will only work based on the Power of Thought and followed by an active standpoint exhibited by a Weaver towards fulfilling his or her Goal.

The Weavlets are handpicked by the Weave team. They are then designed into a 3D model with the focus on keeping the authenticity and proportions and color scheme to the maximum. 

Each Weavlet features a specific form, shape, size, animation, background – so all Weavers connected to a certain WeaveNet have the exact same visual image of the channel in their minds’ eyes; this is an important concept, that all of those weaved into a Weavlet have exactly the same image they are focusing their mental powers on.

When you choose a Weavlet for your upcoming day, you pretty much know what to expect from the day. At least you know how you would like it to develop. So you start focusing your energy at the very beginning of the process – while looking through the categories of the Weavlets available. Then you articulate your goal for the day. Then you face your day, knowing the Weave has got your back.

So do thousands of other users with similar wants and desires. We, at Weave  believe in the power of thoughts. But even more so, we believe in the power of thousands of thoughts. The more you believe in yourself, in your dream, in your goal, the bigger the chance of the Weavlet being able to amplify those abstract ephemeral matters into a material achievements and real life success – big or small. Only provide your honest opinion on a Weavlet’s efficiency to help the Weave community.

WeaveNet is a community of Weave users who have chosen one specific Weavlet for a specific day and channel their energy towards achieving their common goal. There are some very powerful users out there, or at times people in distress may input tons of power into WeaveNet due to high concentration of emotions they are going through.

So even one and the same digital Weavlet may actually carry different levels of charged energy depending on the mix of emotional state of the users, that comprise its WeaveNet for a specific day.

When weaving out, Weavers are asked to rate the Weavlets. We ask you to provide your candid feedback on your experience to understand the efficiency of each of the Weavlets. They are downloaded by hundreds an hour and we need to be able to provide statistics to the community.

The scientific branch of the Weave R&D team deals with sophisticated algorithms, that involve many factors in their formulae. Among those factors are neurological connections, formed by the WeaveNet as well as the perception of the Weavers of the extent of impact onto their weaved-in days.

Only provide your earnest feedback to ensure transparency and to provide the WeaveNet with better understanding of each Weavlet’s efficiency levels.

Weave team aims to eventually filter out only the most upvoted trusted Weavlets so that all Weavers can enjoy the most powerful of the channels.

We appreciate no Weavlet is universal.

So we encourage users to keep trying the Weavlets depending on their purpose, your day and your ambitions for the day.

If you had a way to declare your goals to the Universe – would you take advantage of it? Find your perfect Weave match for the day.

You will find that each Weavlet has some digits displayed next to it. They are part of the Weave scientific approach to creating the most potent tool out there to use the vibrations of the Power of human Thoughts. Such figures will refer to the extent of Weavers’ perception of each of the digital amulet’s efficiency in mathematic values as reported by WeaveNets.

We kindly request, that Weavers find one minute of their time to provide a candid review when weaving out. It is important that the community gets a say in the process of filtering the weakest channels. The Weave R&D team will ultimately aim to get rid of the underperforming channels so that the best can remain to serve the community.

Weave Power is the Power of the WeaveNet multiplied by your faith and eagerness to achieve your Goal. Weave Power is what keeps you going even though the road seem to be endless. Weave Power is an encouraging smile on your husband’s face in the morning, who believes in you more than you do. Weave Power is having it your way with life.