Goal-Setting: the ABC of how to succeed in life

Goal-Setting: the ABC of how to succeed in life

All 7,53 billion people in the world are currently busy doing SOMETHING. OK, some are busy sleeping, for sure, with all the different time zones, but you get the point. All of us get up every morning to do a myriad of chores, complete some actions and tick some tasks off our busy work schedules. But. without proper goal-setting they may end up beating about the bush all life long.

But only a tiny-little-minuscule fraction of those 7,5 billion people will be happy with what they have achieved at the end of the day, week, year, life.

Proper Goal-Setting is what distinguishes the vast majority of people who keep wondering how fast time flies, from the small percentage of people who are happy at the end of the day, week, year, life, with what they have achieved.

What is Goal-Setting?

Let’s get down to the definition of Goal Setting to understand how it impacts our lives.

Goal-Setting – is a personal development technique, which consists of compiling a premeditated plan of actions, that are designed to direct personal resources (inclusive of time and finance), towards achieving a consciously-chosen personal Goal. Brainstorming method is a big part of Goal setting process, whereby a person goes through many possible future targets and selects the most pertinent one.

Goal-Setting is an exercise, that requires time, focus, mental effort, vivisection of person’s wants and needs, good understanding of prioritizing and time management concepts.

To get from point A to point B in the fastest way possible, it is important to know where point B is. There is a word in English, meaning roaming without purpose or direction: “to wander”. While wandering is still activity, it has no purpose or final destination.

The mission of this article is to make sure our readers walk through their lives with purpose and stamina, knowing exactly where they are heading at any moment, as opposed to wandering their life aimlessly from point A to point whatever.

Goal setting process

What does one need to set goals?

Arthur Ashe once noted:

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

This is why preparing for the Goal-setting practice is paramount to the success of the mission.

An Efficient session of Goal-Setting requires:

  • Understanding why it is important.

The better you realize where you want to end up – the quicker you get there. Without knowing where one needs to go, there is a good chance to roam through entire life purposelessly.

  • Time, specially allotted for the activity.

Give yourself space – both time-wise and physically. Make sure you get rid of any possible interruptions to complete this exercise properly.

  • Theoretical knowledge of efficient goal-setting.

This article is a good start.

See the list of recommended read at the end of the piece – we have hand-picked the most thorough guides on Goal setting for you to arm yourself with wisdom before moving to the practical part.

  • A good prior talk with the spouse and family. A brainstorm.

It is a good practice to engage your better half or a close friend in the exercise of Setting your Life Goals. It doesn’t have to be explicit – a chat over dinner will do just fine. They know you best and it is great to have a perspective and input from outside.

  • A cup of freshly brewed tea. OK, that skimmed latte works too.

SMART goals

The SMART acronym has been the pinnacle of efficiency for decades and it’s a sibling of the Goal concept.

Some boring theory universe before we go into the realm of fun examples:

What does SMART mean? SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Goal-setting has to be SMART to be efficient:


Specificity is what sets aside business people, people, who value their time. People, who respect your time will never beat about the bush, trying to talk at length about vague ephemeral things. So whilst you are working on your Goal setting mission, make sure to respect your own time and be as specific in your targeted results as possible.


Efficient goals must have a verifiable outcome attached to them: be it in kilos, dollars, centimeters, weeks or decibels. Having digits in your Goals is the best signal you know how to measure them.


If this is physically impossible to be on Mars in 30 seconds, it is not wise to set a goal to be there in 30 seconds. This is how Goals and dreams are different. If you set unachievable objectives, you risk developing a syndrome of learned helplessness, which is opposite to the Goal setting mission.


While on the task to set Goals for whatever period in your life – be it weekly, monthly or annual objectives – keep the relevancy in mind. Keep your target on what matters to your most. Focus on what you do best or where your hobby lies. Experimenting is good only so far – but keeping the focus in your life will allow progressing quicker to the expert level in chosen filed, as opposed to being OK at many diverse spheres.

Time-bound Goals

To make $100 000 in 10 years and to make $100 000 in 1 year are 2 totally different goals, although what is different is the time frame of the completion of the Goal.

To read a book every week and to read a book in a year equals absolutely different persons by the end of the year.

All Goals have to have their “By date” or timeframe to be efficient.

Time-bound Goals

Setting Lifetime goals

It is best to approach the Life-Time goal-setting at certain stages in your life:

  1. in the last year of school.
  2. in the last year of college or university
  3. when a person is considering a career change
  4. when a person is considering to start a family
  5. when a person has served a term in prison
  6. when a person is considering moving cities or countries or continents
  7. when a person has combatted some serious disease or illness

All of those occasions present a great opportunity for a new start. So with a new phase in one’s life, it is time to review what is behind, where you are at and where it is you would like to end up.

When elaborating on your lifetime goals, it is good to be guided by some figure of authority, who you admire – be it your parents, a guy from the college or Elon Musk. Find a source of inspiration, a guiding star whose life or career achievements left you impressed. Read up on their values, milestones in their biography. Pinpoint the motivator of your source of inspiration.

Set major milestones along your path: where do you see yourself in your 20s? 30s? 40s? 50s? How is your personal life? What have you achieved career-wise? What is your financial status at those periods?

Life-Time goal-setting

Annual Goal-setting

Annual goals AKA, New Year resolutions, have a notorious characteristic: they tend to be forgotten somewhere mid-January.

How does one keep New Year’s resolutions?

There are few rules, that can help a person stick to the chosen path and make things happen just as planned:

  1. Break down the Year into smaller periods of time: seasons or months are perfect. Every big idea is a succession of small steps, the smaller the steps, the less frightening ad more achievable they come across, keeping the spirit and motivation up.
  2. Review your progress on Goals regularly. Have a system in place, where you would revisit your Goal sheet every once in a while – a minimum once a month.
  3. Have a New Year resolution buddy. Sounds too time-consuming? You are an introvert? There are a lot of things, that are better done together. Your buddy or a group of like-minded people may serve as a stimulus and a system.
  4. Let technology help. There are so many apps now – an app for losing weight, an app for learning a language, an app to improve cooking skills. Check of your personal annual Goal has some kind of technology developed yet to precipitate the process? Are there Facebook communities you could join to source information and advice? Old school ways may be good, but technology is there to help accomplish tasks faster with smaller efforts.
  5. Acknowledge yourself for achieving small things. Reward yourself along the way. Be grateful to the universe for help thus far. Positive thinking is a huge part of staying motivated, make sure to practice gratitude whenever possible.

How to set Business Goals

Business Goal Setting results can be manifested in 3 ways:

  • in terms of titles and promotions along the career ladder;
  • as money value and a pay rise;
  • as skills acquired and awards won on the job.

People at the very beginning of their career are more prone to want to get a pay rise or quickly more up from entry-level roles in a company to mid positions.

While people in senior positions maybe be on the lookout for recognition on the market, for building a name in their chosen industry, to garner awards in the sector.

Before setting Business Goals it is important to answer some question honestly.

For a hired employee the questions to ask could be:

  • Is this job your calling or just a temporary means of money-making?
  • If it wasn’t for money, what would you do?
  • What are the top 3 companies in this field?
  • Which company would you dream to work for?
  • What is your minimum monthly allowance?
  • How much would you like to be making in 1 year?
  • What position would you like to occupy in 3 years?
  • What is the turnover of your coveted position?

For a start-up owner or an established entrepreneur, the questions a thorough business goal setting session practice will be:

  • What is the share market now and what is the aim share market by year-end?
  • What can be my point of differentiation: price, quality, service?
  • What is the annual revenue that equals success?
  • How many employees should be hired by the company to achieve that revenue?
  • What steps can be taken to streamline the costs of the company?
  • What did I do wrong last year and what will I stop doing this year?
  • What did we do right last year and can I focus on to further improve results?

Examples of SMART Business Goal-setting

  • To get promoted to a senior cashier position in 1 year by being religiously punctual, having no mistakes in money calculations daily, doing all the corporate courses on the intranet in the shortest time and getting high customer service feedback scores of 90+ points.
  • To win the corporate Big Idea reward by offering a thoroughly elaborated innovation on saving tonnes of plastic to the environment by installing the windscreen Washer liquid pumps on gas stations.
  • To increase GOP by end of 2020 by 3% through streamlining costs in accounting via outsourcing the service and by increasing the cost of the premium subscription by 1 dollar.
  • To get the pay rise of 15% by pulling the best results in departments with a minimum increase in the entrusted portfolio turnover of 30% by September 1.
  • To acquire a smaller competitor company as part of the business development effort and market share increase target of 2% by Q3 2020.

Personal Goals

Setting achievable Personal Goals

Personal Goals have more to do with your personal development, family life, dating, rather than a career. And in most cases, this is where a greater degree of satisfaction lies when a person accomplishes those Goals.

There are different directions a person may be considering when setting personal goals:

Physical development

Modern lifestyle suggests a healthy lifestyle as a way to unwind after stressful days at work and to keep the body your best accomplice in crime to your life. You want your body on your side. Make sure to allocate 20-30 minutes a day to ensure fitness and wellbeing.


Education has shifted online nowadays and top courses are available online for the price of 2 lattes. Language apps are fun to play with and conferences are crammed with people you could chat an evening away on the narrowest topics your family would kill you for raising.


In touch with your bohemian side? Art is the process, not the destination.

Mastering new drawing techniques, exploring your vocal skills or learning to knit could all keep you thoroughly entertained, provide a great opportunity for socialization and enlarge your value as a conversationalist. A hobby is a great way to keep up your mental health.

Private life

Setting personal goals without working on your private life would be impossible, so make sure to see where it is you are now and where you would like to move on from there. Find a boyfriend, who would join you for the marathon? Reward your 5-year-long GF with the most romantic proposal, before her patience expires? Get your husband to agree to a 3rd child, as you want the girls so badly?

Public matters

We live in communities. Have you been eyeing that centre you drive past by, that helps the homeless? Are you into rescuing puppies? Joining a public service or volunteering, apart from other obvious benefits, that have to do with your social life, can physically improve your health.

Examples of Personal Goal-setting 

  • To get to level 3 of Spanish on the App in 3 months by devoting 20 minutes a day on the App and 1 newscast on Youtube.
  • To hand-make 2 second-hand jeans bags as Christmas gifts for my nieces by December with their favorite pink unicorn embroidery.
  • To help find loving families for 10 rescue puppies in 3 months by making videos, posting them online and spreading in local FaceBook groups.
  • To find a girlfriend who is as crazy about sky diving as I am via Social media groups and meetups by having a minimum of 20 contacts and a shortlist of 5 dates by end August.
  • To prep for the first quarter marathon in October this year by running at least 3 times a week minimum 2 km and 2 times a month 5 km.

How to set achievable goals and why they are best for you.

It is paramount to set attainable goals to get that rewarding sense of completion and to boost your self-confidence. When approaching a new task, always make sure to split your big mission into smaller chewable chunks. Don’t be shy to seek help – be it from friends, family, experts in the fields, YouTube or apps. Only concentrate on major 5-7 Goals a year and never lose focus, dismissing the other tasks altogether or minimizing them.

We hope the above guide on Goal-setting will help you personally get where you need to be tomorrow, this week, this month, this year, this life.

As promised, below are a few resources that will further prepare you for the exercise of efficient Goal Setting, that brings fruit:

Goal Setting: a scientific guide By James Clear

Golden Rules of Goal Setting by MindTools

How to design your Life by Modern Health Monk

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