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today is the time to exercise


Gratitude is optimism in retrospect. With a thousand reasons to complain about every day, we have a million reasons to rejoice each morning. Seeing the good in whatever your circumstances are today helps people to rid their mind of the negative and concentrate on the positive. Kicking your day off with the practice of counting your blessings sets you in a creative mood and attracts further positive vibes into one’s life. When weaving into your daily Weavlet, join a meditation session to recollect things to be thankful for.

Gratitude techniques: gratefulness leading to abundance

thank your family

There is no better way to introduce the nectar of Gratitude into the recipe of your life, than to say "thank you" to your close ones. If you choose to write a Thank you letter, make a call, bake a favorite cake out of the blue - it is up to you. What is important is to make an effort to appreciate the blessed impact of your closest person in your life.

be grateful towards colleagues

Being grateful and polite with one's superiors comes naturally most of people out there. Also, being appreciative of your peers and subordinates is what sets the pace in a working environment. So get your office-mate a cup of that skinny latte, pick up a shift on the holidays for your colleague, stick a "thank you" note on their screen during lunch.

Introduce a one-two minute "thank you, Universe" session into your daily meditation. This healthy practice allows you to list in your mind the good events, kind people and fun adventures, that enriched your life. By doing so, a person goes back to positive thoughts, amplifying the good energy around and nurturing the optimistic spirit inside, thus creating more benevolence.

rewind your day

Before going to bed go through your day in your mind and pick a few things that you are grateful for. However small or habitual a thing, there is always something to be thankful for. Having 2 legs is not a default setting for all human beings. 150 million people have no roof above their heads at all and further 1,6bln, or 20% of the Planet's population lack adequate housing. Rewind your day to appreciate the things that lit it.

pay a thank you visit

This gratitude exercise is registered by scientists such as having the biggest short-term effects. People, who wrote a "Thank you" letter and personally delivered it to the addressee saw a 10% rise in happiness scores and experienced the deepest drop in depression scores. It is no wonder, as a person who deserves gratitude must have displayed some generosity or empathy. Naturally, these are the best people to mix with.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and thankfulness that one feels towards people, events, or even higher forces in general. By practicing gratitude exercise in everyday life, one counts the blessings of the past, instills the good in the present and attracts the positive into the future.

It is human nature to take things for granted. We easily get used to the good stuff in our lives. Yesterday’s dream becomes a mundane stuff in your house and doesn’t cause so much as a smile on your face. Being grateful for comfortable things, that cut boring chores out of our lives or appreciating fantastic people that fill out path with laughter and love is fulfilling and inspiring. Gratitude is a huge part of the powerful  puzzle of a concept of Weave Power

Once you make a habit of allocating a couple of minutes a day to jot down things you are grateful for, you will automatically start filling happier. Scientifically proven. Not a single catch. No buts. That simple. You are welcome.

Gratitude is Weavers’ second nature. Without appreciating how far we have gone and how much we possess it is tough to move forward, and to keep achieving.

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