Living in harmony is something anybody can do.

If you are rich, not so much, or struggling.
If you are healthy, not so much, or have some health issues.
If you are pretty, not so much, or hard on the eyes.

You can live a harmonious life in any circumstances – favorable or not.

What Is a Harmonious Life?

The definition is broad really. Harmony takes on different shapes and forms for every one out of 7,3 billion people on this planet. But if we were to provide a definition of harmonious life, it would come down to the following essence:

Harmonious life is a personal balanced perception of one’s life from the perspective of reconciliation of an individual’s wishes and possibilities.

From this description, it is possible to deduce that as long as your dreams and expectations towards your life are balanced out with your possibilities and potential, you have a chance to enjoy mental harmony and peace of mind.

The Formula Of Living In Harmony

Based on this knowledge, let’s now engineer a formula of living in harmony:

Harmonious life = your aspirations ≤ (your possibilities + your potential)

If you noticed that luck, occasion and will power are not part of the equation, you probably think they belong there.

We in the Weave community agree there are silver linings, bonuses that are not pertinent to every situation in life. That’s why we leave them out of the equation purposefully. But we agree that some people may extend this happy harmonious living formula.

So, for the purpose of this borderline-philosophical piece let’s agree, that the formula of a life in harmony is when your dreams & aspirations are less or equal to your possibilities and potential. They have to be aligned realistically to ensure peace of mind.

Examples of Poisonous Mentalities For Your Peace Of Mind

People tend to overestimate their potential. Millions of girls dream of becoming Oscar-winning actresses. Millions of guys aspire to say a speech holding that golden statue.

We all have millions of thoughts on how to capitalize on our talents, and believe that things are going to be great very soon.

Billions of people fall asleep in the hope that tomorrow brings the recognition and luck they deserve.

But this way of thinking is destructive to our mental health. People have too high expectations for themselves. Manipulated by media and success stories, they keep comparing themselves with celebrities and millionaires.

Examples of Poisonous Mentalities For Your Peace Of Mind

Many of these successful people are the embodiment of the survivorship bias. They are a statistical error, rather than a rule of a thumb.

There are healthy people who are miserable and sick people who love every minute of their lives. There are rich people on the verge of suicide and broke people who fall asleep in the loving arms of a life partner.

Your mental balance is irrespective of your material situation. It’s all in your perception – your way of thinking. The power is in your thoughts.

It is part of the WeaveNet philosophy to accept people as they are. We thrive in recognition that we are all different. We love to accept our life circumstances and be grateful for them.

Life may deal you a bad hand or a good hand. This is your starting point. Reconciling your expectations and your reality is an important initial step for a harmonious life.

What Is Important For A Harmonious Living

Finding harmony in life is a never-ending path.

On the other hand, harmony can be achieved through many factors. Let’s cover a few aspects that can help bring harmony to your existence.

Work-Life Balance

Harmony is a synonym of balance, right?

So finding that golden mean in every aspect of life eventually turns into a harmonious life.

We are all guilty of the same crime: when young and ambitious, we work our butts off to climb up the ladder faster. 12 hours a day? Sure.

Another deadline and you need to stay after midnight to finish the project? Absolutely.

Work-Life Balance

Once too often those hard-working people lose their relationship and undermine their health over too much work and no play.

Always prioritize your health and your family. Efficiency does not lie in long hours. Efficiency lies in high productivity and a bold approach.

Dare to leave your place at 6 PM. Maybe by 8 PM at the latest.
Never open your inbox on weekends. Or maybe just not on Sundays.
Always find time for romance and family time. At least once a week.

Schedule your personal life in the same way that you put your work events into a calendar. May your 7th anniversary be as vital as that board meeting.

In Weave App Weavlet statistics, we see a huge surge of Family WeaveNet popularity during weekends. We love the idea that so many Weavers know how to bring harmony to family life.

Belief In Yourself

You only have you, so it’s not optional.

Never ever fall into the trap of learned helplessness.

You may have failed a thousand times; it doesn’t mean you will not succeed on the 1001st attempt. Keep moving.

energy from the WeaveNet

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Little Feel-Good Pleasures

Living in peace and harmony may mean having attained big titles and having bought many fancy cars.

But more often than not, it means being able to enjoy the small things, like a deliciously addictive silky morning latte on your way to work or holding hands with your wife in the back row of the cinema like you did 12 years ago.

Always find time to smell the roses.

Find the positive in the small tokens life throws your way.

After all, life consists of millions of small things and only a few big ones.

Little Feel-Good Pleasures

Hobby Or Passion

Build your own safe harbor. A man cave. A she-shed. A place, a time, an activity that makes you happy. The reserved slot in your busy life and space which belongs to you and your passion only.

You deserve it.

Spending resources – both time and money – on something you love doing is healthy for your soul, self-esteem, mental harmony.

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Positive Thinking

Wondering how to find peace and harmony in life? Looking for ways to bring harmony to the family?

It’s probably already there. You may be lacking a positive perspective on things.

Positive thinking is a huge piece of the puzzle of the concept of harmony, so if you think you need to practice more of it, there are plenty of exercises to get your going.

Positive Thinking

How about starting to ONLY think positive thoughts at a specific short period at the beginning of your day? Say, find 3 positive things about yesterday and 4 positive assumptions about today while you brush your teeth?

Positive thinking is addictive, so the more you practice it, the more it comes naturally.

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To live in harmony with the Universe, one needs to learn to achieve harmony within.

Living in harmony with the Universe: Weave App can help

Finding harmony in life is no easy job. To achieve harmony outside, one should first attain harmonious living from within.

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