7 Law of Attraction Apps to saturate your 2020 with positive energy

7 Law of Attraction Apps to saturate your 2020 with positive energy

Are you a fan of the Law of Attraction?

We cannot wait to tell you all about these amazing Law of Attraction apps, that we have downloaded & tested for our readers.

Are you skeptical about the Law of Attraction?

Just give us 2 minutes of your time and you will find some of these LOA apps features awesome too!

What is the Law of attraction?

Law of attraction, an indispensable part of the New Thought movement, is a belief, that positive thoughts are capable of attracting positive events into one’s life and negative thoughts can trigger negative experiences and occurrences. Creative visualization and cognitive reframing are the 2 techniques widely used by the proponents of the Law of attraction.

The long history of the LOA short

It all started in the early 19th century with the book by American mentalist and mesmerist, Phineas Quimby, who made research of positive thinking effect in his study “Mind over body”. In 1877 the term “Law of Attraction” was concocted by Helena Blavatsky. “The law of success”, published at the end of the 19th century by Prentice Mulford took a journey and articulated the basic principles of the LOA.

20th century had few hikes of interest towards the topic, with the most recent history featuring a book, called The secret, at its acme. Rhonda Byrne, the author of this best-selling book, 3 years later in 2010 published a sequel, called “The Power”.

Many celebrities sited belief into some of the principles of the Law of attraction, inclusive Connor McGregor and Oprah Winfrey.

On the other hand, there is some criticism towards the New Thought movement and the LOA belief as its integral part in particular, specifically when it comes to claims of curing the serious medical conditions based solely on the power of positive thinking.

The Method: how we picked the LOA apps for review

We chose the LOA apps we are about to present to you just by searching them by the keyword, typing it in the App Store: “Law of attraction”. All, but one, in fact, more on that – later.

What we got is a healthy mix of apps with the following features:

  • vision board & the power of visualization
  • law of attraction exercises
  • daily positive affirmations
  • power or thought quotes
  • LOA education
  • goal-setting
  • law of attraction teachings
  • power of thought stories
  • abundance and financial prosperity manifestations

We have made sure to only download the free apps to see how much is offered on free plans before the paywall appears for in-app purchases.

Intrigued yet? Here are our top picks for you!

Law of attraction apps icons on iphone screen
Law of attraction toolbox app images
Law of attraction toolbox app timer
Law of attraction toolbox app thank you journal
Law of attraction toolbox app recieve and spend
Law of attraction toolbox app Personal desires
Law of attraction toolbox app LOPA
Law of attraction toolbox app all affirmations
Law of attraction toolbox app appreciation game
Law of attraction toolbox app Daily limit
Law of attraction toolbox app Daily wants list
Law of attraction toolbox app emotional scale
Law of attraction toolbox app Empowering qs
Law of attraction toolbox app Games randomizer



Category: Lifestyle

Law of Attraction on App Store | Law of Attraction official website

In-App Purchases:

  • Remove ads – $4.99
  • Unlimited daily usage – $14.99
  • PRO version  – $14.99
  • Unlimited Manifestation Bundle 2 – $14.99

This App is for those who have mastered the theory and are ready to jump into practice. The App is what it says it is – a toolbox packed of fun exercises and techniques and forms that will have to implement the teaching of LOA into your life via empirical tasks and drills.

The App features include:

Games & Exercises

  • Feel as if Game
  • Appreciation Game
  • Receive and spend the game
  • Thank you Journal Game
  • List of positive aspects Game
  • Daily wants list
  • Daily appreciation list
  • Focus Wheel
  • Rampages of Appreciation


  • Affirmations
  • Abraham 68-second timer
  • Empowering questions
  • Random Game chooser

Saved entries:

  • Received and spend Game
  • Thank you journal game
  • List of positive aspects
  • Daily wants list
  • Daily appreciation list
  • Focus wheel
  • Notes

Verdict: even if you are not a huge fan of Law of attraction apps. Even if you are sceptical about the teaching – this toolbox will have a game or tow you will find useful. The best way to see for yourself is to start living it, right? A good set of digital self-improvement instruments. The King of Law of Attraction Apps in terms of free offering.

HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 1
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 2
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 3
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 4
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 5
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 6
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 7
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 8
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 9
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 10
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 11
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 12
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 13
HypnoCloud Law of attraction App 14



Category: Lifestyle

Law of Attraction Mastery on App Store | HypnoCloud official website

In-App Purchases:

individually at $4.99, all 10 audios at $19.99: Abundance Attitude | Design Your Ideal Life | Employment Attraction | Money Magnetism | Sexual Attraction

The application is a series of a hypnotic guided meditation sessions by the HypnoCloud app developer. The content is created by Victoria Gallagher, one of the world’s leading hypnotists practicing Hypnotherapy since 1999.

Apart from the legal & housekeeping sections, the menu features:

Reminders: the feature similar to regular reminders on any smartphone – but within the App itself.

Achievements: /they are designed in 2 tabs: badges [hypno-newbie, -pro, -guru etc.] & points [for completed sessions, downloading & listening]/

Suggestibility test: /I am totally suggestible – try to swallowing test – its a quickest one t understand if you are suggestible to hypnosis by nature/

About: /about hypnosis, about Victoria, FAQ/

Verdict: we LOVE the design. It’s kinda heavenly. You can judge from the print screens, right? Your humble servant is having difficulties typing this, as the music itself is so lullabying, that I am just about to fall into the hypnotic state. Great for those who are looking for an ultimate meditative state bordering Nirvana & wish to practice some Law of Attraction mindset.

Weave App Amplify Power of Thoughts
Weave App categories
Weave App Luck Weavlets digital amulets
Weave App Lucky Leaf Time
Palm of Luck Weavlet Digital amulet Weave App
Sun and Moon Weavlet digital amulet Weave App
Weave App creativity Subcategories
Weave App Love Subcategories
Weave App Luck Subcategories
Weave App Lucky Leaf Weavlet
Weave App Prosperity Subcategories
Weave App Rate it screen
Weave App Subcategory description
Weave App Traveling Subcategories
Weave App Why Weave in
Weaved In Status Weave App



Category: Lifestyle

Weave App official website | Weave App on App Store | Weave App on Google Play

Weave is the one app that we didn’t find by the keyword, this is because we created it and thought you might be interested to find out about it.

It shares some of the principles of the Law of Attraction, but its main paradigm is different to the extent of being on the end of the spectrum.

How is Weave App similar to LOA?

  • The thought is material.
  • A negative thought can attract bad power and events into the life of a thinker.
  • A positive thought can attract positive experiences in one’s life.
  • A visualization is an amazing tool that brings enhancement to life

How is Weave App different from LOA?

  • Weave suggests a greater degree of responsibility by the Weaver in the outcomes and events in life. No magic. Determination. Focus. Action.
  • Weave concept suggests no magical immediate curing from serious health conditions and advises its users to take full advantage of the advanced medical help available in the 21st

How is Weave App unique?

  • Weave provides the tool to focus, direct and channel the energy of 1000s thoughts. It provides a 3D image of a digital token, that can be connected to [weaved into], focused on, memorized and retrieved from the mind at any point in time in the day. So hundreds and thousands of Weavers on that WeaveNet concentrate their inner strength on achieving the same goal, thus amplifying it.
  • Weave is a tool helping to attain razor-sharp focus on the Goal and to harness the Power of Thought.

Verdict: we will let you arrive at your own conclusions. We love this product and see lots of potential in it. We are looking forward to attracting more Weavers to be able to form together powerful WeaveNets to amplify the energy of thought of thousands.

Tried and tested the Weave App: Power of 1000s thoughts? Offer your verdict in app reviews!

Let us know of the amulets you would really like us to transform into the digital form for you!




Category: Finance

Attract Money Meditation on App Store | Erick Brown Hypnosis official website

In-App Purchases:

$4.99: Alpha Male | Bad Habits | Confidence & Self-esteem | Mental clarity

Attract Money Meditation App is fairly straight-forward. It offers several recorded hypnotic meditations by Eric Brown. The mediation sessions are customizable. Users can choose short and long introductions, pick the ending to their liking: wake or sleep.

In the settings, users can choose the background sounds from 8 options: like thunderstorm, ocean, rain or mountain stream.

The 90+ in-app store programs are offered in bulk at $99, which is a saving of 70% from the sum if purchased individually at $4.99.

Among the featured programs:

  • Weight Loss
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Deep Sleep
  • Motivation
  • Stress Relief
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Confidence Boost

Verdict: the app is well worth a try, specifically that you can just buy the program that’s the best match for your needs right now.

LOA meditations App 1
LOA meditations App 2
LOA meditations App 3
LOA meditations App 4
LOA meditations App 5



Category: Lifestyle

Law of Attraction Mindful Meditations on App Store

In-App Purchases:

Each selling at $1.99: Wealth | Love | Happiness

This app is both: basic & straightforward. This is a collection of 4 sessions of guided meditation [1 of them is free, the other 3 are an upgrade].

The other features include:

  • Wish list
  • Gratitude list
  • Vision board [allows to use library images or access camera for a shot]
  • Link to the Facebook group

Verdict: the free content is only a 20-minute meditation session, that is heavily commercial at the beginning – upselling the Facebook group and the other paid versions – not something you’d expect that early on in the single piece of free content. Otherwise, the voice-over is professionally done by a lady with a slight British accent and the meditation has come across as effective and rather relaxing.

Vibe Circle App
Vibe Circle App images
Vibe Circle App Daily Home screen
Vibe Circle App Videos
Vibe Circle App Store 2
Vibe Circle App News
Vibe Circle App Affirmation
Vibe Circle App Store



Category: Productivity

Vibe Circle official website | Vibe Circle on App Store | Vibe Circle on Google Play

In-App Purchases:

Each selling at $9.99: Premium

This App is relatively new but has great traction. They are starting their marketing campaign on the 4th of April, the website advises, but in fact, the influencer marketing campaign is in full swing.

The app itself is a Law of Attraction Toolbox.

It features the following sections:

  • affirmations,
  • subliminal images
  • news
  • store
  • guided meditations
  • videos
  • about

The App is work in progress and judging by the initial taste of it, it has the potential to grow into one of the leading apps in the realm of Law of Attraction, visualization, positive thinking.

The Home page is refreshed daily and has some motivational statements:

  • affirmations
  • motivational quotes
  • success quotes
  • daily wisdom

Verdict: the app is too young to arrive at any conclusive statements, but the potential is definitely there. Despite it’s a bit chaotic at this moment with some dissonance in the design of different sections [HypnoCloud sets a very high standard here], content-wise the App offers quite a bit of feature free of charge. Great toolkit for a Law of Attraction newbie.

The Secret teachings App 3
The Secret teachings App
The Secret teachnings App 5
The Secret teachings App 2
The Secret teachings App 4



Category: Books

The Secret Affirmations Money on App Store

In fact, this one has been created 7 years ago in distant 2013. It has a few rather basic affirmations to it, 11 ratings averaging 1 star and no updates since October 2017. It is also free to download.

BUT. What it does have is the logo very much similar to that of the best-selling book and movie by Rhonda Byrne “The Secret”: it’s a red wax seal with the word “Secret” in it.

Verdict: it’s a bit of an outdated clickbait with all symptoms of brand leaching. An outdated app whose only advantage is the logo strikingly familiar to all people who are into the Law of attraction and the Secret movie & book.

The real stuff is available at $4.99.

There are 2 The Secret Apps that come from the official company:

We hope this overview of the Law of Attraction Apps for 2020 was helpful. Let’s keep kicking it, Weavers!

2020 is waiting for our Goals to become our reality!

Download Weave on App Store
Download Weave on App Store

Get Weave on Google play
Get Weave on Google play