amplifying the Power of Thought of thousands

Power of a thousand thoughts

What Weave is about

Life is nothing but a blank sheet. Tabula Rasa. 

We live and learn to paint on it. We fall and we rise. Some are given a favourable head start. Some are grateful for the mere basics. But what makes hardships easier and achievements sweeter is the people around us, who care. 

The people whose faces light up miles away when you text them about good grades in an exam. People, who are there to hug you at your graduation ceremony. People who think of your newly-created mess of a life and offer their support wholeheartedly. People, who’d share a drink at two o’clock in the morning, when she dumped you. People, who would donate their last savings, when your family member is in trouble. It’s just paper, after all. People who pray to all Gods known and imaginary, that you have strength to face another day. People who cheer to your victories and cheer you up during your downward curves of destiny.

That support is the salt of the Earth. That support is something that keeps you rising time after time. Those kind thoughts and prayers and the earnest belief, that you can make it. However hard. 

In moments of self doubt – you know they think you can. So you can.

Support is not ephemeral – it is material. Knowing that someone cares for you to achieve your goals gives you strength. Knowing that your family thinks about you during your surgery gives you the power to fight. Knowing that those emojis are sincerely meant each and every time – however silly or repetitive – makes you embrace those darker days with ease and courage. 

At Weave  we offer a community of believers in the power of material thinking to amplify the energy of thinking. Combine the force of thought  and focus on achieving your goals together to multiply your moral strength. Power of thought is material and we offer a unique opportunity to build it, to nurture it, to feel its mighty impact in your lives.

It all does depend on you, after all. You know  it: the powers are inside you. Your belief in yourself is the foundation. Your focus on your goal has to be razor-sharp. Weave is there to be your safety net, the magnifying glass, that amplifies your inner wants and helps them become outer reality. Weave is just another powerful tool in your arsenal of weapons to complete your missions – small and big – day in day out.

One amulet a day

Weave in to amplify your Force

Embrace the power of amplified energies
of unwavering faith of thousands of like-minded Weavers. 
Weave. The digital amulet App.

Amulet as channel

It is all up to you. Focusing on your Goal. Daring to act on it. Executing a Plan. Amulet is just a channel that helps amplify your thoughts and make them reality.

material Thoughts

There is an abundance of scientific proof, that establishes a correlation between brain activity and its physical manifestation in real world.


Never give up. Every amulet is different. Every WeaveNet is as strong as the thoughts of the Weavers on the day. Keep searching to find your perfect amulet.

You are worth it. Start with thinking about things you want. Move on to visualizing possessing the things you want. Want it. Feel it.

There are a million things to be grateful for and a million things to be miserable about every day. Choose to be grateful.

Stylish design

Beautifully crafted digital amulets designed with esthetics & heritage in mind

Weave Power

Weave is about the community. You are not alone. Reach for the stars together. Nurture connection.

The longest of journeys start with simple small steps. Focus on what you want. Think. Plan. Act.