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Positive thinking

Positive thinking is the basis of many self-help theories and one of the very limited number of free yet highly effective techniques of improving your life right here right now, whatever the circumstances.

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How to wire your brain to think positively

use daily affirmations

Positive daily affirmations may take from 20 seconds to several minutes a day. Pretty quick in fact. Having a system helps: you can pronounce them in front of the mirror as you get ready for the day or while on a morning jog. There are plenty of daily affirmations apps out there to source inspiration from or you can get yourself into a habit of writing your own positive statements into your diary or notes.

mix with positive people

We cannot pick and choose our family, but we sure can choose who we surround ourselves with at work or off duty. Glass-is-half-full kinda people have this contagious optimistic attitude about life, that you want more of in your days. Be on the lookout for such happy people and once you spot them, make sure to keep them as a valuable part of your path.

set 10 minutes to think positively

This one is a mundane but the most effective positive thinking technique that requires lots of discipline. The main pre-condition of this exercise is to be religious about having a specific time of the day allocated for this re-wiring of your brain practice. So even 10 minutes a day is enough. We guarantee, that you will find yourself going back to this technique, once you have consciously reversed your negative thoughts and gave way to the positive ones.

take everything with humour

There is a silver lining in every cloud, right? Humor sure can be that pinch of positive emotion in the most desperate of times. Life is too short to spend it whining and complaining. If the situation is not the matter of life and death, there has to be something good about it. So keep highlighting the positive sides of any bitter pills that life offers you. This is what real fighters out there do – face all challenges with readiness and good humor.

watch comedies & feel-good movies

Humans are walking chemical factories. Our bodies are capable of producing the hormones of happiness and those of misery. When a person runs, endorphins are released into the blood stream. When we laugh, endorphins are also produced, alongside dopamine. The same chemical, that is produced during the alcohol consumption and social media scrolling. This is why we recommend you go watch an episode of Modern Family.

Positive thinking exercises benefit health in the short run and in the long run in million ways known and unimaginable. Happiness is a choice we make every day.
Converting from a glass-half-empty kinda person to a glass-half-full kinda individual does take a conscious effort but offers so much reward. Positive thinking is an inherent part of the Weave Power.

Thinking positive may not be your natural way, but you sure know some people who are always optimistic. They tend to carry this sincere smile – rain or shine – and shrug off difficulties, always hoping for the rays of sunshine after the storm. This optimistic attitude can be trained. This positive mindset is proven to be beneficial for your health. There is tons of research on the subject, that sustain the thesis, that to think positive is good for your health, your life span, your finance and you personal life. So why is this you are still seeing that glass half-empty? Join Weave for positive vibes.

Weave Team is religious about the Power of Positive Thinking. Keep an eye on our blog that deep-dives into every aspect of how to make positivity part of your life.

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