The power of thought is a superpower that humanity hardly ever uses to its full potential. Marvel movies are full of heroes with superpowers and we admire them for being able to climb walls like a spider, or fly like Superman, but every human has a power that far surpasses the power of the superheroes in all the Avengers movies. This “superpower” is that of the power of their thoughts.

Just imagine if you could attain any goal in your life – any SMART goal, OK – having all the tools needed as your default setting. And imagine you would be like, nah, I’d just keep dreaming and going with the flow. And so does all humanity.

This is why it is safe to say that the power of thought is humanity’s most underrated and least utilized superpower.

Let’s see how you can stop following the herd, grab your fate by the horns and harness the power of thought – just like 1000s of other savvy people.

So what is the Power of Thought?

The Power of Thought is the vibration that is created in the brain during the conception of a thought or an idea that can be transformed into the energy towards the materialization of that idea

This is simple – this is physics. You eat and in the process of interaction of neurons in your brain that energy is transformed into thoughts that circle in your brain going through a metamorphosis as they evolve. They, too, are converted into energy later on. It is up to you to let that energy expire by cooling it down with time or to fuel it with more Power of Thought and turn it into something that changes your life.

This is simple – this is physics. Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing disappears into nothing.

So can you master your Power of Thought and take advantage of this most powerful tool, which is always there with you?

Continue reading to take a deep dive into the most technological ways that you can harness the power of thought.

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The science of thought power

The power of thought has been proven by multiple scientists in numerous experiments.

In an experiment by the neuroscientist Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a group of people practiced a simple 5-finger piano exercise for 2 hours every day. They were all tasked with 2 hours of practice at a very high tempo for 5 days.

Initially, the idea of the experiment was to see if the neurons were capable of any evolution at all. Previously, the dogma had been that the brain is hardwired and fixed and incapable of any evolution from the time when a person reaches adulthood.

Those Harvard students spend those 10 hours of their lives creating a huge benefit for humanity. With the help of a transcranial magnetic stimulation [TMS] test, it was ascertained that in a week of practicing this exercise, the registered activity of the motor cortex, responsible for the movement of the fingers, expanded significantly from the initial area.

This is how they knew that the brain is not a static, fixed entity, but rather a substance that evolves depending on the activities undertaken by its human owner.

The other side of the experiment was to give the same piano exercise to a different group, but this time the subjects would instead imagine the movements of their fingers, while their hands stayed still. They would imagine the very same exercise for 2 hours, for 5 days in a row.

The result of this test was quite similar to the result of the students who played the piano – the activity of the cortex, too, was registered such that it spread significantly. The brain managed to evolve by just thinking about the action, but not actually performing it.

There has been a lot of research into the power of the human brain at large and on the power of thought in particular. Have you heard of the interest Elon Musk exhibits in brain study and neuroscience? In his Neuralink company, experiments have been conducted in which a monkey was able to control a computer with his brain. He said to be testing the brain-computer interface on a human this year, in 2020.

Harnessing the Power of Thoughts

There are many ways to manage the Power of your thoughts, how to best incorporate it into your life. Let’s go through the main thesis here.

1. Whatever the status quo – you can work on it. Always

Remember the piano experiment? As you train a specific part of the brain, it evolves, stretches, and reorganizes itself. The brain is not static, people are capable of changing it, training it, exercising their brain to mold it the way they need.

So the first step is to realize where you are now. Mark your point A. See where you are. Is your brain getting enough exercise? Do you need to download an App to make it more flexible? To do puzzles? Sudoku? Is it on the negative side and you want a bit more positivity? Could daily affirmations help? Meditation? Maybe guided visualizations?

Once you analyze your Point A, you are ready to take the path to point B. Register your personal point A.

harnessing the power of thoughts

2. Perspective is everything. Events are of lesser importance

Life is life. Good things will happen. Bad things will happen. You will come across good people, great people, and average people too.

Some events and extraneous circumstances don’t depend on your actions. But you can choose how to react to those circumstances. Every day, every hour, you can choose to ignore, elevate, make drama around, smooth things over with, or calm down. This is your choice if you take things close to your heart, distance yourself from the undesired influences, get yourself stuck in the perpetual negativity and moaning or pick yourself up from pieces.

Don’t be that bottle of Coke that has been shaken too much and is ready to explode at any second. Practice meditation, count to ten before reacting, and maybe pour yourself a double scotch every once in a while.

Events are secondary. Your reaction is of prime importance.

perspective is everything

3. The thought is the beginning, remember?

Everything and everyone world over started with an idea – a thought once.

Humphry David – it was him, not Edison in fact, who once thought of connecting electricity with cardboard – so he created the first-ever source of light, called the Electric Arc Bulb.

Alexander Flemming observed the mold on a petri dish and it occurred to him that this was it! One of the Petri dishes, which were infected with staphylococcus, had a blob of mold to it – where the bacteria’s growth was inhibited. This is how Penicillin was discovered. With the curious thought of one man, who forgot to wash his Petri dishes, it later saved millions of lives.

Once your dad must have had an idea: “What a fine young lady your Mom is”. Many thoughts later, here you are.

But Thought is, in fact, the beginning of everything in this world. Fact.

This idea is vital to sink in to master the Power of Thought. You have to understand – this is the beginning of any process anyway. So when you start conceiving some idea – you start the process anyway.

power of thoughts

4. Negativity is prevailing in human thinking. Direct your Power of Thought

This one kinda hurts, as all truth does. But it adds the flavor to that Point A clause of ours. You have to know where you are to train yourself to be different.

According to the National Science Foundation, humans have 12 000 – 60 000 thoughts a day. 95% of them are repetitive. 80% of them are negative.

The bad news is – there is no way anyone, however determined, can eradicate all the negative thinking.

The great news is – even a small percentage of thoughts dragged from the evil camp to the positive camp daily will mean hundreds of great thoughts in your head – hundreds of positive vibes filling your day.

direct your power of thought

5. The majority of troubles are triggered by negative thinking

This is not a universal truth, as nothing is. But the tendency is there. People moaning about things, events, potential negative outcomes of events, end up dragging themselves emotionally down into the world when they don’t expect anything good to happen, but vice versa, anticipate the bad to overtake their lives.

Such victim mentality is often the reason why a person is experiencing issues of all sorts in the first place. Such people attract negativity into their lives by constantly circling the bad thoughts in their heads. Their moods are low and they are not ready to look for ways out of unfavorable situations.

The less negative thoughts you allow in your head, the less the probability of the bad things coming into your life. Don’t open your doors wide for the negative events. Don’t invite negativity by moaning and complaining and fearing.

Be positive and be assertive. This is fertile soil for positive events and luck in your life.

the majority of troubles are triggered by negative thinking

6. Start small. Stay regular. Grow bigger

This is how you form a habit. You start small. Things don’t change overnight. Change is a process. It takes time, persistence and patience. Only then does it bear fruit. 5 minutes a day of positive thinking during your daily meditation session? Great!

Be regular. A habit forms after 20 repetitions. Make sure to never miss your routine of positive thinking. If this is a daily affirmation you are reading in front of the mirror while washing your face; if this is a positive mantra before going to bed, stick to it. Give it time to become your second nature.

Grow & nurture your habit. Now, that your small positive habit is a consistent part of your life, you can expand on it. Diversify vertically or horizontally. Mix and match techniques and exercises. Prolong your existing routine. It is time to expand on it.

grow and nurture your habit

7. Find a buddy for your Power of Thought practice

One person can do so much. 2 people can do twice as much.

You see the logic. If you can involve somebody else into your positive bubble – do it. A friend, a spouse, a parent, a colleague, a virtual Facebook friend.

We, at Weave, believe that Power of Thought can be multiplied, when it’s connected. It creates a synergy of energies where 1+1=3.

The more people you get on-board for your Power of Thought practice the better. When a child goes for a musical contest or a sports match at school, the mental energy of parents rooting for the child serves as great support. Similarly, the bigger the supporting base, the more vibes work as pillars for the foundation of the winning spirit.

Imagine a football stadium, where one team has no fans at all and the other one is oozing tonnes of support through cheering and chants and all the face paint and the flags waving.

power of thought practice

But in real life, the strength of a person, the confidence, the self-esteem, arises from the fact that they have support in the form of family and friends. Sometimes a teacher, who spends extra time with a dyslexic child, sometimes a neighbor, who invites the kid next door to join the entire family for a fishing day to share this passion.

Support comes in all sorts and forms in real life. It comes in the form of likes and smiles on your posts. It comes in the form of a pat on the shoulder. It comes as a kiss blown across the parking lot when Mom takes you to school. It comes in the welcoming barking of your dog behind the door as you come up the stairs after work.

All of this support forms a person’s confidence. A person’s foundation. A person’s “I can”.

This is why Weave is such a strong tool for hundreds and thousands of people. They can join their vibes, their Power of thousands of Thoughts on one goal. They can be the chanting stadium full of supporters for each other. They can be the invisible yet so tangible reinforcement of each other’s desires, confidence, perception.

How many fans are there in your mental Stadium today, or is your fan stand empty-ish?

If you could do with more support. If you feel like you need an understanding pat on the shoulder. If you could really do with some unconditional love, join Weave today.

Weavers don’t judge. Weavers don’t reproach. Weavers unite. Weavers keep pushing themselves every day to fulfill the dreams that keep them sleepless. Weavers understand.

Weave App is the first-ever mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play that allows people to direct, channel and amplify the Power of Thought. Are you Weaving yet? What’s the Weavlet that resonates with you most today?