Now that the entire Globe is stuck at home in the attempt to save the species from a deadly Coronavirus, many people consider doing something useful for their entire lives, like learning a new skill, doing yoga every day or taking an online language course at last. We have compiled a list of 7 smart goals examples that will help you make the most of your time at home during the coronavirus quarantine.

So what does one do during the quarantine? It is the time to unite, to get yourself together, to take care of your body and soul so that they can take care of you if things go bad. Previously, Weave App posted the piece titled “15 ways to boost the immune system for coronavirus pandemic”. Now we would like to extend on the topic, providing you with some banal and creative ways to come out of this pandemic a better self.

Before we jump into the 7 smart goals examples, let us quickly jot down a few general lines about Goal-setting notion as such.

What is Goal Setting?

Getting an answer to “What is Goal Setting?” is a good starting point to be able to follow this piece with entire clarity of the process:

Goal setting is a conscious mental process and a self-help activity, that is designed to provide a human with a detailed plan of action for a specific timeframe by choosing the priorities that most coincide with that person’s ambitions, needs, and possibilities.

Goal Setting
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How to set SMART goals with a COVID-19 quarantine SMART goal example

First of all, SMART is an acronym, meaning:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable [Achievable]

R – Relevant [Realistic]

T – Time-bound [Time-based, timely]

Quick examples of SMART Goals: Corona Virus Quarantine Edition

“To watch 10 Netflix movies based on real-life events in 7 days as a family with a pre-approved schedule, snacks and consequent 5-minute discussion and 10 minute Rotten Tomatoes review written by kids under adult supervision.”


This SMART Goal specifies:

  • the quantity of the movies,
  • the genre of the movies,
  • the channel we are going to watch a movie on
  • the time frame allowed to reach the set goal
  • the outcome to be attained at the end of the action
  • time allotted for discussion
  • time allotted for Rotten Tomatoes review
  • the dedicated member of the team to work on the Goal

Verdict: This is pretty damn specific, almost TMI.


This short-term goal is extremely measurable:

  • we know exactly how many movies should be watched and can log every movie in a sheet or just count them as per Rotten Tomatoes reviews
  • we know how long the discussion should last as a minimum & can use a timer to measure it
  • we know how long it should take to write a Rotten Tomato review and can use a timer, clock or watch to measure it.


This Coronavirus-inspired Goal example is attainable:

  • We know we have the coach, the family, the Netflix and we can watch TV alright
  • The kids are literate and they can form words into coherent sentences, so they can write Rotten Tomatoes reviews.


This is a relevant Goal because:

  • The family is confined to the house for a long time
  • The family needs some bonding time and to take minds off the coronavirus pandemic to decrease anxiety and improve mental health
  • The family always tries to spend quality time overall together, so this exercise aligns with the life-time goal to bring up well-rounded kids [movies are based on real-life events], who are capable to contribute to society [reviews on Rotten Tomatoes].


This is a time-bound goal, as it specifies:

  • Deadline of the task [7 days = 1 week]
  • How much time is spent on discussion [just 5 minutes, so kids can form their thought clearly and learn how to select the main idea in a few words]
  • How much time is allotted for Rotten Tomatoes Review [so that kids learn to mold their thoughts into concise snappy judgments, that will help others to decide whether to waste 2 hours of their life on this movie or not]

What types of Objectives are there? Classification of Goals

By the time of fulfillment and impact of the set Goal:

  • short term goals
  • long term goals
  • lifetime goals

By the application of the result of the completed objective:

personal life goals
Coffee mug on the table

7 smart goals examples that will enhance your life during and beyond Coronavirus Quarantine

  • Take 1 day to write down your personal 5 top objectives to keep you physically fit, schedule them in your diary or diary journal with exact time allotted to each activity daily and adhere to the plan religiously.

OK, this one may seem pretty bleak, but it’s not. Do you know-how on board a plane a parent is supposed to put on an oxygen mask first and only then put one on a child? This is the case too.

Coronavirus is a bug that needs everyone to be selfish. You start with yourself. If everyone takes the time to put down the things, that will boost their immune system and give their body more resources to fight the disease if it comes, everyone wins. Such a person will have mild symptoms only and will not be putting stress on hospitals, giving way to patients with preconditions to receiving proper care.

Take an entire day to put your top 5 health priorities down, as you program your brain to search for the most efficient ways to keep your body in top shape. Yoga? Proper water intake? Vitamins? Meditation? 8-hour sleep? Open-air balcony reading session? Juice therapy? Whatever works for you.

  • Take 1 day to brainstorm and 10 minutes to thoroughly plan and schedule your top 3 mental health activities for the period. 

Similarly to the above, keeping mentally fit is an effort that needs to be made consciously. In an equilibrium of a healthy spirit in a healthy body, you never know which is of more vital importance. We at Weave tend to think that everything starts with the mind.

So taking care of your thoughts, getting rid of negativity, practicing positive thinking and having a family guided meditation session sounds like a good idea for all self-distancing themselves in their homes.

  • Take 2 hours to sit down with family members to create the rules of the Quarantine and create a household duty rota sheet and maybe even a weekly menu.

This can be done as a game or with elements of gamification.

As much as you love your family and your family loves you back, a coronavirus self-isolating quarantine may be a trial for any bond, however strong.

You can write down a fair and square rota, where all household duties and chores are distributed evenly by rotation of every member day by day. Or you can do a draw of duties and allow destiny to decide. In case Mom is the one who cooks divine food of Gods known and unknown, and Dad finds 10 miraculous ways to screw up a sunny side up, it is wise to leave Mom to cook and Dad to do the dishes.

Whatever way you chose to plan your daily tasks, they should be all printed out in a colored excel table and pinned to a fridge, so all family members can plan their day accordingly. Having a duty thrown at you randomly by parents is irritating for kids. If you plan them all together, this negative resistance is overcome once and for all.

  •  Take 2 hours to teach your kids Goal-setting techniques by providing them with a theory of Goal-setting, a Goal-setting template with further checking & fine-tuning the outcome.

It is way too easy to fall into the trap of social media and non-stop binge-watching Netflix during the Quarantine, specifically so for the children & teens.

As a Parent, it is now the time to teach your kids how to Plan your life vs How to go with the flow. In the times of overwhelming dopamine addiction, this is one of the most precious skills a child can get. To direct their attention away from TikTok and onto real life.

Throw in an incentive, if you need to. Provide them with resources necessary to approach the mission of Goal setting correctly.

Set your own short-term Goals in their presence and tell them how you arrive at yours.

Give them some ideas: master origami, learn a new yoga pose every day, pick up learning all about American presidents, mastering Photoshop, creating a word press website in a YouTube code-along.

teach your kids Goal-setting
Family eating sandwiches in the kitchen

This fun family activity can be hugely exciting and useful, depending on how wild your collective imagination can go.

Now only it will allow your kids to understand the benefits of Goal setting, so they can further implement it in their lives, but it can also be outright hilarious.

For this activity, you can create a totally unreal creature, planet, and ecosystem – and come up with what this creature wants to form its life and how it will achieve it.

The focal point of this exercise is still quality family time & development of creative thinking, the side effect is to shape the concept and empirical skills of Goal setting in kids.

  • Every day of the Coronavirus quarantine, spend 1-hour researching & familiarizing yourself with 1 country using Google Maps, Wikipedia, state tourism website and YouTube.

This is another amazing educational activity, that has so many layers of goodness to it. Depending upon how old your kids are, you can always play around with ingredients of this family activity, restricting smaller kids to memorizing the continent, the country, the capital, the language, the flag.

Is this a good goal to set for fully-fledged adults without children? Absolutely. Try searching YouTube with this formula: “Documentary about X”, where X is one of the countries on the globe.

If you want to gamify this educational pastime, even more, you can leave it completely up to Random.org to choose a country to learn about every day. Just find a list of all the countries on the Planet, drop them into an excel sheet and enjoy discovering the world beyond your walls and your era.

Quite honestly, I just came up with this idea and ended up spending one hour learning about the history of India somehow. Amazing, did you know, that Pakistan is an acronym? I am so going to take up this quarantine pastime myself!

If you want to keep your journal of sorts about this activity – even better. Make a daily post on Facebook – so your friends can also watch the YouTube videos pre-approved by you or give them 2-3 facts that stroke you most during your 1 hour of education. Start a Medium blog with your notes – so that people world over can pick up this fantastic educational routine.

  • Take 1 day to brainstorm and create a daily challenge on Facebook with explicit rules and a hashtag – so you and your friends can join. 

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can launch a challenge to create 1 design a day, that combines 1 randomly selected color with a randomly selected noun/brand/letter/logo.

You can get as creative as you wish to. In fact, such challenges are often great to create a name for yourself in the creative industry. They can even catch fire internationally and be featured in such viral communities like Bored Panda and Digital Synopsis.

It’s also a great way to get distracted from all the negativity and fears surrounding and accompanying this nasty pandemic. If you manage to create a fun enough quarantine challenge and friends join in, it’s just so inspirational for all-around and usually, this kind of content gets lots of engagement – as it’s authentic, pure and creative.

get distracted from all the negativity
Young man pointing his mouth.

Let us know of your short-term SMART goals examples for the quarantine time!

If this collection of Covid-19-inspired SMART goals examples is something you would consider implementing to make your isolation more durable, let us know!

We, at Weave App  believe in the Power of Thought, but we also stand by the Goal-setting as a concept. If you set your goals right, you respect your time and you mold your life, leading it where it belongs.

Share your best SMART goals examples for short term and long term on our social media page! Let us know how to set your Goals these days?



During the turbulent times, humanity’s resilience is put to test. The Coronavirus pandemic has managed to spread quite quickly around the Globe with tens of thousands of people affected and thousands losing their fight to the virus.

At this point, there is no approved vaccine on the industrial level yet and no antibiotics are proven to cure virus-instigated pneumonia with a 100% success rate.

Simply put, once infected with this deadly bug, people can mostly rely on their strong immune system to fight off the disease. This is why we put together some top tips on how to boost your immune system to efficiently fight the coronavirus.

How to strengthen the immune system so it can fight the coronavirus

1. Do not diet.

Stop any diets you may have considered before. Your body needs to be up the speed. Do not exhaust it with malnutrition at this time. Postpone any such actions until the times, when humanity is not at risk. 

You may need to lose a few kilos, but most importantly – you need to stay alive now. Don’t jeopardize your immune system.

diet flat stomach


2. Stop smoking

You have been wanting to do it for so long. This is a great time. Even if you will pick up smoking later on, your lungs need to be healthiest now. They take the biggest hit from the virus. 

Make sure you spare your lungs as much as possible now. Stop poisoning your soldier. It may come so useful on the front of the Coronavirus war.

no smoking


3. Eat lots of natural antibiotics

Onion, garlic, chili peppers, turmeric will not kill the virus, no. But they will certainly kill off many pathogenic organisms inhabiting a human body. The pathogens that will otherwise keep your immune system away from fighting the virus. 

As the popular internet meme has it, people will definitely keep the distance due to all the smell.



4. Eat lots of vitamins

Do you play video games? Do you know how you can collect all sorts of armor? This is exactly what you are doing by eating vitamins. You stock your body with weapons it can use in case of a disease. Have you tried blending unpeeled but pitted lemons, ginger, and honey? It’s delicious and super healthy! We love the 5:3:1 proportion, but this is entirely up to you.

Vitamins are powerful immune-system boosters. Keep nibbling on fruit and veg. Take supplements. Get your body full of those useful goodies.


5. Drink lots of water

This is good advice for any day, sure. But staying hydrated is especially important when your body is about to take a hit. Having fluids washing every cell of yours does so much for your every-day detox. You need only the good stuff in your body now, so getting rid of all the bad stuff – with perspiration and pee is a fantastic idea. 

Goes without saying, staying hydrated is vital for those down with a virus.


6. Air out the room 2-3 times a day

When it comes to fresh air, it’s healthy for your lungs too. Much healthier then the stifling air you keep recycling over and over again if you keep your windows closed all the time. 

Use your best judgment regarding the air quality outside and if this is OK, then letting some fresh air into the room from time to time is recommended. Keep your lungs in top shape.

air your room

7. Social distance yourself

If you are 50+ or you live or work with older people or people with a precondition, make sure to social distance yourself as much as possible. Social life can wait really. Online shopping is still an option.

social distance


8. Wash your hands thoroughly and often

Minimum 20 seconds or longer is the advisable time for washing your hands with soap to destroy the potential virus. Do it after touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, shopping carts in a mall, after coming home.


wash hands

9. Avoid touching your face with hands

Not your eyes, not your nose, not your mouth.

hands touching face

10. Use moderate exercising

Gyms are out of touch, right, so a rug on the floor can do a trick now. Even a 7-minute workout will increase your blood circulation and bring the body into a toned state.


11. Sleep well and sleep lots

Sleep deprivation is a reason for more health issues one can imagine. It is a very subtle reason, that is difficult to measure or blame, but heaps of research prove it is at the core of many mental problems and many immune-system related problems. 

Sleep is one of the main pillars of physical and mental health, alongside nutrition and physical exercise. 

Keep your well-being in focus during Coronavirus pandemic at every aspect.

sleeping cat


12. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day

As a minimum, a short meditation session will allow your mind to wander about your mind freely and see where it is you are now. Listen to your feelings. Acknowledge them. If your heart is filled with fear and anxiety, you will be able to recognize this and minimize the negative effects of such thinking with other mental practices.

Protecting your mental health during the CoronaVirus is as important as safeguarding your physical health.


meditation buddha statue

13. Think positive as often as possible

This is no easy task, we know. At the times of trial for humanity, positivity is the last thing that comes to mind. 

But if you think of it, laughter is proven to boost the immune system. And the immune system is your only soldier when it comes to fighting the virus in the absence of medication and vaccines. So positive thinking is exactly what’s needed now. Watch a comedy or chat with your hilarious friend over skype or facetime. 

Laugh and then laugh harder.

be happy sign


14. Use gratitude as your resilience factor

Being grateful elevates people’s moods. When people say thank you to somebody else they automatically pull up from their brain’s hard drive positive emotions and events. You are always filled with positivity when you are thankful to somebody. 

This is a perfect time to Facetime your old friend and reminisces about the good old times and how wonderful it was to have that friend in your life. Get those healing endorphins flooding your bloodstream.

thank you card

15. Set yourself some SMART Goals for the quarantine time.

Oh, yes, keeping busy is one of the bestestestest ways to keep your mind off negative thoughts. Schedule your day away – the Internet allows you to truly live your fullest life even when confined into 4 walls. 

You can work from home, educate yourself, have a full-fledged meeting with friends over the skype group meeting functionality, do fitness and so much more. Set yourself a few goals in every realm of your life: family relations, professional skills, cooking skills, and whatnot.


In these turbulent times, people come together to help each other and their families. But it is paramount to understand that being selfish now is the best way to be altruistic and help the world. Take great care of yourself and help your body fight CoronaVirus efficiently. 

In fact, people who get Coronavirus and have strong enough immune systems to only have some mild symptoms, do a great favor to humanity:

  • they don’t crowd hospitals that are overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients in critical conditions;
  • they get immune to the virus so next time they will not be contagious at all, thusly helping stop the virus world over;
  • they can be back to doing their jobs and help the economy up again.

We hope these 15 tips on how to boost your immune system to fight CoronaVirus will come handy for you and your family. 

Stay healthy. Stay selfish. Stay human.