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today is the time to practice


Every single thing on this Planet started as an idea at some point in time. It is safe to say, every person started as an idea at some point. It may have been a humble idea, like “OMG, a guy like that will make one gal very happy one day”. Or it could have been a slightly naughtier idea: “That lady turned this January day in Texas into a hot Sahara in July”. It all starts with an idea. So why not start visualizing  – it’s the beginning of creating & attaining all things around anyway. At Weave we believe that what we see in our mind’s eye we can attain easier & quicker in real life.

In the beginning was the imagination

find out what you want

While talking about visualization, it is good to mention a few words about Goal-setting. Knowing exactly what you need to achieve at the end of a period in your life is a good preparation for Visualization practices. Narrow your wants and desires to very specific things, events, professional roles, destinations. Go through hobbies, things, that excite you and your role models to find your true wishes.

Visualization practice is all about detail. We recommend letting your imagination loose and deep-diving into your dreams. If you want a physical thing - go through the color, the brand, the make, the size, the country of manufacturing in your mind. Imagine using it, knowing exactly where you will place it. Think about what shop it is you will order it from. Details bring you closer to realization, make your desires more tangible.

create a vision board

Vision boards are an effective visualization technique for two reasons: 1. while creating one, you cannot but start thinking about ways of realizing your dreams, not only the outcome, but the means to an end too. 2. vision board is there in your room every day reminding you of the things you want to achieve and inspiring you to act towards the realization of your imaginary vision of your perfect life in real time.

act on your plan daily

Now that you have a vision board in front of your eyes on a daily basis and your Goals set as per the SMART principle, it is time to jump into action. One step at a time is the best course of action to take for those, who have no previous history of winning. It is easier to approach a new mission when you have succeeded previously. It is even easier to start a new business if you have lost and won. Whatever your case - just begin.

persevere till success

Things will never go just as planned. Circumstances will be against you. Deadlines will be missed. Budgets will be exceeded. Not all actions will be a success on the first attempt. Some initial methods of attaining your goals will be rejected as invalid, some will change on the way. But you must persevere. As long as you have not given up, you have not lost. Perseverance is what differentiates many successes from failures.

Visualization is a practice of mental possession of things, people, events in your life that you aim to possess physically in future. Everything started one day with an idea, so thinking about having something is a start of the process of having a thing anyway. Making that first step somewhat artificially through visualizing may seem naive, but is rather effective in fact. 

For an exercise to be fruitful, it is good to allocate a time when nobody will disturb you. Arm yourself with a piece of paper, a pencil, scissors, magazines, a board and your wildest dreams. Keep it ambitious and detailed. Keep it real and realistic. 

Visualize your perfect future in as much detail as you only can. Imagine buying your coveted possession, imagine bringing it home, imagine using it. One day your dream will be a reality after all, so you want it to be a stress-free well-planned day.

At Weave we swear by the effectiveness of visualization. When you visualize you sow the seeds of your future. Make it part of your Goal-Setting process for the best results.

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