Weave App – the Power of Thought App, that enhances the everyday lives of the Weave Nation. Join in to weave your amazing story!

As the first-ever digital Power of Thought App, Weave mobile Application is the go-to tool for special occasions. But it is also widely used for just making a routine day pass with flying colors. A little extra support from the community of spiritual like-minded Weave Nation is something Weavers easily get used to.

In fact, we see many Weavers getting hooked on playing around with different Weavlets: they keep experimenting and end up trying a new digital amulet every day. On the other hand, over 70% of our users will have tried and tested enough that they return to one favorite Weavlet every third day on average.

How can Weavlets help you ease your boring unexciting routine days?

To start with, there is no such thing as an unexciting day to a Weaver.

We love, appreciate, and thank the Universe for every day we live, however regular.

On the other hand, we try and paint every day of ours with brighter colors. You can turn the most trivial of occasions into a fireworks display of emotional intensity if you wanted to – not that we are exaggerating it and making something of your day that it’s not.

What we are saying is the attitude to routine is what makes a routine a routine.

So Weavers like a bit of spice and flavor in every activity. We love meaningful actions and impactful hustle & bustle.

Let’s illustrate how that is. We’ll use some of the popular Weavlet collections to demonstrate how they help the Weave Nation get a fun perspective on the most mundane of days.

Family WeaveNet support:

This Collection of Weavlets is in high demand.

Moms & Dads love being part of this WeaveNet. You don’t even need to Momsplain here – the community of this WeaveNet knows what it feels like to breastfeed when half-asleep. They feel your pain when it comes to teething problems.

Anyway, say your husband is away on a business trip and you need a bit of moral support from the community – get yourself one of our stunning 3D digital amulets. The thoughts of thousands of parents will be amplifying the power of your positive thinking on this seemingly uneventful day of your life.

Your hubby may be away, but the community is here, multiplying your positive energy and making the day easier for you in its smallest detail. You may feel like your little one is sleeping longer, wakes up less, or is overall better behaved. You may notice that your healthy pureed broccoli cream soup is meeting less resistance with your toddler. You may find that the delivery of Amazon-ordered stuff for your kids came in no time at all, right when you needed it.

We have Weavers reporting the Weavlets manifest their effects in millions of different forms.

Family WeaveNet support

Photo taken from unsplash.com

Sports WeaveNet Collection manifestations

You compete once in a blue moon, but to win you need to train almost every day.

How do Sports Weavlets help in the everyday life of an athlete?

It all starts with a Weave Meditation and Visualization session. It’s not a meditation per se – it’s more of a mix of meditative techniques, positive thinking exercises, and creative visualization.

When it comes to sports, visualization is a widely used technique. In order to smooth yourself into the right mindset for a competition or an exhausting training session, go ahead and spend around 5 minutes building the neuron connections in your brain.

Many Weavers report a boost in motivation, a surge in the competitive spirit, and increased results for timed activities when it comes to sports.

But people also keep noticing small things, when weaved in, like unforecasted good weather for jogging, finding an addictive yoga channel on YouTube, or discovering a new amazing free app for abs on the App Store.

Sports WeaveNet Collection manifestations

Photo taken from unsplash.com

Creativity Weavlets in everyday life

When it comes to creative minds, like singers, artists, musicians, graphic & fashion designers, no day is like another. They are hardly ever bored and see the beauty and diversity in every little thing.

But the creative industry has one invisible currency: inspiration.

Inspiration comes and goes.

Some go on yoga retreats, others climb mountains in the pursuit of quality inspiration. But some go to Weave App and start weaving.

Creative minds are usually open questioning minds too. They don’t just trust blindly, but they believe in the Power of Thoughts. They know some connections are invisible, yet very real.

The creative influx reported by some of the artists on the WeaveNet is mind-blowing. This category is buzzing with positive feedback thanks to the community.

Whether it’s to charge yourself with extra vivacity for your upcoming time in the studio, to grow confidence before an interview at a local newspaper about your gallery exhibition, or just to pass a fun day with your friends hanging out. Weavlets make any day a colorful day worth remembering.

Creativity Weavlets in everyday life

Photo taken from unsplash.com

Weave App – Power of Thought app for those who think positive

If you are one of those life-loving people who believes that thoughts are material and believe that we become what we think, you might want to give Weave App a try.

When you download this Positive thinking App, make sure to find a minute and comment on the Weavlet you connected with for a day.

When you leave a comment and let us know how a Weavlet of your choice exhibited itself in your life, you help the other Weavers get the most of the app.

Developers, on the other hand, use these stats to design new digital amulets and to eliminate the ones that are not efficient and bring little impact to the Weave Nation.

Have you downloaded the Weave App yet?

A special day or an everyday routine – Weave Nation loves them all!

Who’s got your back today, Weaver?