What is a Weavlet?

What is a Weavlet?

What is a Weavlet?-

Many ask the Weave App team. So we decided to tell you all about it in one piece. 

A Weavlet is a digital icon, or a digital amulet, that has been designed to be a channel to combine and amplify the Powers of thousands of thoughts on one Goal.

Categories & collections

Weavlets are clustered in categories for the smooth selection process:

  • Luck Weavlets
  • Love Weavlets
  • Prosperity Weavlets
  • Career Weavlets 
  • Travel Weavlets 
  • Well-being Weavlets 
  • Creativity 
  • Family


Tree of Life Weavlet: Weave App Screen
Lucky Leaf Weavlet by Weave App
Weave App Screen Bagua Weavlet

Weavlets are then further subdivided into subcategories, or Weavlet Collections also referred to as series. For example, in Career Weavlets category Weavers can select a Weavlet in the following collections, among others:

  • Important job interview
  • Skype Job Interview
  • Client Meeting
  • Business presentation
  • Freelancing

At the end of the day, all Weavers are prompted to rate the effectiveness of a Weavlet. This stage is crucial for the Weave community, as we rely on the candid reviews of our users to adequately assess the impact of the digital amulet on the day in the life of a Weaver.

Different Weavlets manifest themselves differently. Moreover, the impact of the Weavlet depends on multiple factors, like the strength of the Weavers contributing a given WeaveNet on a particular day, the number of Weavers weaved in, the Goals they are pursuing, the physical efforts being applied to fulfill the objective, the level of concentration of the Weaver on the Goal, etc.

So Weavers are reporting different levels of impact of the Weavlet on their day. Some notice they are positively taking baby steps towards their Goal, some are seeing huge breakthroughs, some just sense the support of the WeaveNet throughout their day. It is important that every Weaver finds a minute to share their review with the community. As it is the community’s rankings, that decides if the Weavlet will stay as part of this Category or will be substituted by a new Weavlet. 

What is the difference between the Weavlet and the Amulet?

  1. Weavlets are digital, amulets are physical.
  2. Weavlets can be configured and designed based on imagination, real-life objects, irrespective of the history and myths, while amulets have more affiliation with history and cultural beliefs of different nations world over.
  3. Weavlets suggest an active standpoint & active participation of Weavers in the achievement of their Goals, while amulets are supposed to work on their own.
  4. Weavlets function based on the Power of Thoughts of thousands that they serve as a channel too; amulets use a combination of beliefs and vibes of just one person.

So, what is a Weavlet?

We hope you know now. We have laid out all the technicalities above. But if you are not a technical soul, but rather a poetic one, the below metaphors and similes may help:

Weavlet is a channel. 

A channel for thousands of like-minded people to use the Power of their Thoughts to reach one common goal.

Weavlet is a tool. 

A tool to concentrate, to focus, to see the way, to achieve, to amplify the power of thousands of thoughts.

Weavlet is a symbol. 

It is a digital token that combines the artistry of a designer with the ephemeral-yet-so-real idiosyncratic connotation of an object.

Weavlet is a reflection. 

It’s a reflection of Weaver’s dreams, longings, Goals and deepest desires.

Weavlet is a challenge. 

A challenge to face your ambition and to take every effort to make it a reality.

Weavlet is responsibility. 

It’s the responsibility to have faith in your potential, to see things through and to persevere.

Weavlet is hope. 

The hope to succeed, to enjoy life, to be happy.

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Weave in! Boost your life with the mighty Weave Power!